Our Culture



Our organisational culture:

The major organisational culture of Huawei Company, which demonstrates the set of key values, beliefs and attitudes shared by organisational members, is known as ‘wolf-culture’. The first character of wolves is bloodthirsty. Employees of Huawei are extremely sensitive to the market information and could response promptly to any changes. The second character of wolves is resistant to coldness. The fearlessness of difficulties and eagerness of making progress are insisted by every member of Huawei, no matter how complicated the hardship is. The third character of wolves is taking actions in teams. The atmosphere of team cooperation is particularly strong in Huawei and people are encouraged to develop and share personal opinions with each other (Iaoyzy, 2011). The ‘wolf-culture’ brings Huawei a high level of keen insight about the unsteady market and assists the company to quickly react to any existing opportunities. As a result, Huawei could expand its business volume about approximately twenty percent every year (Heissougly, 2010). Moreover, the clear division and cooperation of variable works between employees in Huawei make sure all the tasks are done in the most efficient and effective method, which helps Huawei to obtain impressive profits and develop successfully. Overall, it’s no doubt that the ‘wolf-culture’ is the cornerstone of success for Huawei and lead Huawei to make significant breakthroughs in such competitive market of modern society.




What we believe:

People of Huawei believe that the resources could be exhausted, but the culture could last forever. Therefore, the leader team put plenty effort into the integration of organisational culture, which is actually coming from the employees’ ideas instead of the leader team (Iaoyzy, 2011). As we all known, the organisational culture exists in three levels: seen, heard, and believed. Since the personal values of employees are well aligned with the organisational culture, which means that the culture exists in the believed level, staffs are motivated and feel more enthusiastic for their jobs.  Different levels of employees in Huawei all play an irreplaceable role in the construction of the organisational culture even they are responsible for diverse task (Iaoyzy, 2011). The managers in high level take in charge of the supervision of cultural trends and directions. According to the cultural trends and directions, the managers in middle level focus on the right methods to develop organisational culture. The managers in low level pay more attention to the build of teams and make sure the organisational culture are understood and shared by the staffs. The normal employees should understand the organisational culture and connect it with the way to do tasks and achieve goals. In addition, new staffs should try to fuse with the organisational culture through seeing, hearing and believing.




Nowadays, leaders of Huawei devote their effort on the cultural construction about international business since the cultural construction should be coordinated with company strategy (Heissougly, 2010). For the development of organisational culture, real actions are expected to be taken rather than stirring slogan. The organisational culture of cooperation, honesty, sacrifice, study, creation, benefit and fairness are applied to problem solving and goal achievement of each employee in Huawei (Iaoyzy, 2011). Having proper organisational culture inspires people in Huawei to perform successfully in the competition and restrict employees’ behaviour. The organisational culture contributes to ensure workers have certain idea about how they should behave, which leads to the performing of high quality tasks.

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